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My name is Assigue Dolo. I was born and raised in Dogon country, in the village of Sangha. I am a tour guide in Mali, but I also offer interpretation services and I arrange general travel services. For more about me, check out the about page. For services and tours, head over to the services page. To read what former clients have said about me, take a look at the recommendations page. Finally, feel free to get in touch using the contact form.



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Alyssa Moxley June 28, 2011 at 8:54 am

Assigue is a friendly and knowledgeable guide. We travelled with him from Bamako to Bandiagara, a three-day trek through the Dogon, a jeep drive to Timbuktu and the Festival in the Desert, and then on a three-day Pinasse trip from Timbuktu to Mopti.

When we first walked across the plains of rock to where the ground splits open and leads into the 200km cliff face of the Dogon valley, Assigue began to tell us about the importance of the Bau Bau trees. The tough bark of the tree he stood next to was scarred with horizontal lines around the base of it trunk so that it had a lip of thickened bark several feet off the ground. “This is not a decoration – this is where people cut the bark to make rope. The bark is soaked, the fibers peeled apart, twisted, and then twisted together,” he told us. “The fruit is also used to sweeten millet, as a candy, or an instrument.” He beckoned over a small boy who, with perfect accuracy, brought down a large hard shelled fruit from a 50m high branch with a rock in a slingshot. Assigue cracked the fruit open and we tasted a bit as he further explained the fruits uses and preparations.

His knowledge of the Dogon, where he grew up, was detailed and insightful – the fetish traditions, grain houses for each wife, the origin of the people from the star Sirius, the legends of the mask dances, etc…. His kindness eased every kind of interaction with local people, outside the Dogon as well. I even had the chance to play drums during a mask dance – I asked for a little instruction from the man who was drumming – and Assigue interpreted. He would helpfully seek the answer to any questions.

I absolutely recommend him as a guide to be trusted, asked questions, befriended, and relied upon if needed.


Ronny Hannemann July 3, 2011 at 12:41 pm

Me and my wife traveled with Assigue through Mali in November 2010. Together we had a great time (however, the time we had was too short).
Starting in Bamako, he organized a little Bambara language class as well as a very funny drumming lesson for us. Also he introduced us into the vibrant night life (concert, theater) of Bamako. Further on we visited Segou, Djenne, Mopti and the Dogon country together by bus, boat or private car. Overall we enjoyed the time with Assigue very much: he was a very helpfull, reliable and friendly guide and friend to us. We exchanged a lot of informations about the way of life in Mali and Europe.
We will come back to Mali and hope to meet Assigue again.

A ni ce Assigue for a great time!


eunice ambrose December 17, 2011 at 4:22 pm


There are two or three of us that would like to go to Mali, and several nearby countries like BR, Benin Ghana, Togo, etc. We would like to spend 18-29 days beginning the end of January.

Do you arrange such tours? If so send costs and details.

We were looking at this http://www.balanzantours.com/En/mali-travel.php?cir=35

It would suit us but we are not certain if this is a legitimate organization and if they provide good services. If you do not provide the tour we would like or something similar, are you acquainted with Coulibaly Tiemoko and his tours? Or is there another tour operator that you like.

I am asking you because you receive many praises for your honesty and quality. I would prefer you if we could come to an agreement. Or, if you only do Mali, can you recommend another.

I have been to Mali and cannot wait to go back. I have great memories of your country. I want to see more of West Africa.

Thank you for your time,


Assigue Dolo December 18, 2011 at 8:13 pm

Hi Eunice,
I heard about Balanzantours but don’t know so much about them.
I am Assigue Dolo, looking after The Sleeping Camel hotel in Bamako, We organize tours all over West Africa. So,just tell us what you want to see and we can make a good itinerary for you from Mali to all the nearby countries.
Kind regards,


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