I was born in Dogon Country and at a young age I became familiar with this fascinating region of Mali. For the past five years I have been guiding tours to Dogon Country and beyond. At the same time, I have completed a 4 year degree in English at the University of Bamako. Currently I am working on a master’s thesis about Dogon death rituals. Update: I have finished my master’s thesis and you can read a version of it online by clicking here.

From the COJP: Assigué holds a Masters in English from the University of Bamako, and is widely regarded as a translator and guide in the historic Dogon region of Mali. As a translator, he worked for the British Press TV in the 2013 election process, translating interviews with the politicians during the first round of elections, and he worked on-the-ground in Northern Mali, translating for foreign media, during the French liberation in January of 2012. The COJP is helping him share his expertise in West African funeral practices with Western scholars of the Louisiana Jazz Funeral tradition. From March-May 2014, Assigué accompanied Kokanko SataDoumbia on her COJP-sponsored tour, translating the meaning of her songs for appreciative Western audiences.

With the Minister of Tourism after a training in Siby

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