In addition to acting as an official tour guide of Mali, I also offer a variety of travel and interpretation services. If you are interested in any of the listed services, please contact me on the contact page.

Bamako City Tours
Bamako, the capital of Mali, is a vibrant city with a rich history. All of Mali’s ethnic groups are represented here and there is a wide range of cultural experiences to be had. I offer customized city tours, depending on your interests. I can also arrange drumming and dancing lessons.

Mopti City Tours and Sailing on the Niger
Mopti is a major trading center and home to the Bozo ethnic group. It is also known as the “Venice of Mali” for its many waterways. I offer tours of the town and I can arrange sailing trips on the Niger River, the third longest river in Africa and the 9th largest river system in the world!

Segou City Tours, Sailing on the Niger and Visiting a Pottery Village
Segou, the third largest city in Mali, is rich in history. It was once the capital of the Bamana Empire. Conveniently located between Bamako and Mopti, Segou provides numerous opportunities to enjoy the Niger River and the pottery for which the city is famous. I organize tours of the city, boat trips on the Niger and excursions to a women’s pottery cooperative.

Dogon Country
Dogon Country is one of the most geographically and culturally unique places on the planet. Rich in living history, many Dogon traditions and customs have persisted through time. Join me on a multi-day trek through this fascinating part of Mali. We will hike the Bandiagara escarpment, visit ancient Tellem houses that are built into the cliff walls, tour villages and colorful markets, and experience traditional Dogon music and dance.

Other Services
In addition to the listed services above, I can help you organize the hiring of 4×4 vehicles and drivers. I also offer interpretation services (I speak French, English, Dogon, Bambara and some Fula). Finally, I am available to assist you in making a customized itinerary to get the most out of your visit to Mali.

Please contact me on the contact page if you are interested in any of my services.

Dogon photo credit: Frank in Guinea